Car Alarms start at $79 installed

Keyless entry starting at $130 installed

Basic Alarm with keyless entry $150 installed

Basic alarm with keyless and 2 way pager $300 installed

Basic alarm with remote start and 2 way pager starting at $400 installed

C/3 offers tracking systems starting at $500 installed and $250 per year gives you unlimited access.

There are other brands of tracking systems now available at less cost.
Please call for details.

Power Windows - $500 per pair of windows installed

Power Locks - $50-$75 per door installed depending on difficulty

Bring your own alarm installation - $150

Bring your own Remote Start intstallation - $250 & UP depending on difficulty

Immobilizer Integration - $50-$100

Motion Sensor - $100 installed

Tilt Sensor - $100 installed

Battery Backup - $60 installed

Power Window Module (2 window) - $150 installed

Extra Shock Sensor - $50 installed

Voice Module - $150 installed

Starter Kill - $25 installed

Door Poppers - $100 per door installed

Trunk Pop Solenoid - $100 installed

Hood Pin - $15 installed

Trunk Pin - $15 installed

Pricing for services that are not included in the Table above have to be calculated in person, because the service would be classified as a custom project and is based on the amount of time and materials the job requires.

Ground Level Customs Car Audio Alarms and Window Tinting